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Return of the Mack

The Nasty Things You Know

Meeeeeshull Puh Nay Nay Graytang
20 February
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it's okay I got shot 9 timez
but I doo
but I doo doo doo.

tee hee, doo doo.
2pac, :)) double chins, :)) double faced smilies, african american chat rooms, al, all that, anthony fisher, arms-up-to the ceiling, ass clapping in general, bacterial teeth, bamboo, being an arsonist, big bootiez, black power, bling bling, bob sagget, bone thugs and harmony, booty shaking, break dancin' brett!, breaking bread, calcyoumuhlators, catching-stds-&-then-throwing-them-back, chillin wit da homies, chocolate sesame crackers-that-taste-like-soil, chopped spinach, chris amen, climbing fences, coke(the-drinky-kind), coke(the-snorty-kind), cribs, danny tamberelli, didergedoos, dominican nukkaz, earth wind and fire, eeiieeeeohh, elton john, fast food feels fuzzy, flying purple people eaters, going to prom!!!11, gold fronts, gold frontz, good burger, good charlotte, gotta hammer, gotta whistle, gotta yammer, h8ing the popoz, having fungus feet, hebrew ham-ham, hebrew hammer, horn in his head, horns in your head, huge black cocks, italian boiz, ja ruklez, ja rule, jewgitsue, joe budden, justin timberlake's abs, kay go, kill myself x two, killer tofu, killing whitiez, kuhrottay, leon richards, let's groove tonight!!!!, lil flip, lil jon, lil kim, lions, loribeth denberg, lose control, loving nickolas pampenella, malcolm x, mason from thirteen, messages to convey, micheal licastri, mister dark chocolate man, my awesome laugh, neemuhtoads, nice suits, no bra no panties, nooses, ohhh.. okayyy.., omgz^%&^%$%$#%$##%$#mosh pits!!!!!!!!, our bff brett, pete and pete, peurto rico, pierre, pooping on the go, porn, prank calling silly boys, pretty dresses, pro-death, pro-life, pro-sk8er boiz, prom 17th of may, puerto rican boys, rawk n roll bands, rawr i'mma lion, read the newspaper, return of the mack, return of the moistpits, rock your socks, rocko's modern life, roll your soul, roll your windows down, rollin' on 22z, saxuhmuhphones, sexin', sharing-the-spice-of-life, shoot me ryan kay!?, shout your lungs out!!!!!, slowdance&fastdance&clapclapclapyourass, slurpees, sniffing cleaning products, sniffing glue, sniffing highlighers, sniffing sharpies, sniffing you, snoop dogg, spanish harlem, special dances, spelling bees, spense spense, spongebob, stich's great adventure-that-smells-like-pasta, sweet whips, tequila, the beets, thongz, tox aka fridley, tuhtuhtuhtoo much fried food, tupac, who wears short shorts?, winky faces ;), wishing i stalked nick, workin' the corners, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwshoutyrlungzout, young bloodz, young gunz, zeez